Buenos Aries Public Buses

Welcome to the photo gallery for public transit buses in Buenos Aries, Argentina. There are many operators of public bus lines in Argentina's largest city of Buenos Aries. Information below is the best of my knowledge and the photos are by no means an extensive representaiton of all lines and bus companies operating in the city.Photos below are sorted by the body manufacture of the buses. The bodies are generally on a chassis built by a different manufacture, this information is avaliable by clicking on each photo.

Italbus Tropea

La Favorito GR

Materfer Aguila BU1115

Metalpar Iguazu

Metalpar Tronador

Neobus Spectrum Road 350

Nuovobus & Nuovobus Menghi


Todo Bus Pompeya

Todo Bus Pompeya II

Ugarte Europeo

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