1988 SD-U2-AC (C-Train)
3001-3002 R/N 2101-2102

These two LRV units have had a unique history. In 1988 they were delivered to Edmonton Transit as demonstrators. They were later sent to Calgary for demonstration purposes. However, in 1990 Calgary Transit added these two cars to the regular fleet. Throughout the 1990's these cars were often run as a 2-car consist. These were AC powered cars so it was far more convenient to keep these two cars together rather than coupling them with U2-DC cars. Up to around 2003, these units were either being run together or in storage. In mid-2003, Calgary Transit made the mixed operation of these two U2-AC cars with the new SD160-AC cars a success. the U2-AC cars are now regularly run in the middle of two SD160's. Both 2101 and 2102 have received major overhauls.

Photos were taken by me (Kevin Lo) unless otherwise noted. Please ask for my (Kevin Lo) permission or that of the photo owner before you re-use any of the photos. Thank you.
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Fleet Number Thumbnail Description Photo Date (M/D/Y)
2101 2101 in a mixed consist with SD160's 2208 and 2227 are seen here at Olympic Plaza Station bound for Dalhousie Station. 3/19/2004
2101-2 2101 departs 4th Street West Station bound for Dalhousie Staiton. Notice the mixed consist. 7/16/2004
2101-3 2101 seen on the tail end of the mixed consist while laying over at Somerset-Bridlewood Station preparing to head back north. 5/03/2005
2102 2102 seen here running as a middle car coupled with two other AC SD160 cars, as the consist leaves Brentwood Station. This photo was taken shortly after CT figured out how to make a mixed consist run without problems. 6/27/2003
2102-2 2102 in a mixed consist with two SD160's while crossing 3rd Street S.W. bound for Dalhousie Station. 3/19/2004
2102-3 2102 about to depart downtown Calgary along 9th Street S.W.. Notice the mixed consist. 7/09/2004
2102-4 2102 departs Centre Street Station bound for Somerset-Bridlewood. Notice the mixed consist. 7/09/2004
2102-5 2102 on the tail end of a mixed consist arriving at Banff Trail Station. 8/27/2004
2102 Interior The interior of 2102 (before overhaul), there a a few minor diferences from the DC type U2 cars. 6/24/2003
2102 Builders Plate As you can see there is even proof on board that this car was originally built for Edmonton Transit (as unit 3002 A-end) to try out and Calgary later bought them from Edmonton and has since been r/n 2102. Photo By Ashton Wong. 6/24/2003
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