1982 Flyer D901A 473-482

In 1982, Calgary Transit took delivery of 10 D901A's, these buses were similar to the D900's with a few minor changes in appearence and a much higher exterior noise level then any Detroit Diesel 6V71N/ Allison V730 drivetrain. These buses came with Transdot destination signs and power steering. All have been retired now with the last ones gone in October 2001. By mid 2002 all had been sent to the scrapyard.

Photos in this section are taken by Martin Parsons, Kevin Lo (me) or Peter McLaughlin. Please do not reuse these photos without the permission of the photo owner.. Thank you.
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Fleet Number Year Description Photo Date (M/D/Y)
473 rear 473 heads into Brentwood Station on route 20. By Peter McLaughlin 3/??/1998
474 474 along with a Orion I at Spring Gardens. By Martin Parsons 8/9/2000
477 engine 477 retired, with it's Detroit Diesel 6V71N engine showing. 3/28/2002
479 479 sits at Spring Gardens retired. 3/28/2002
482 482 sits at the back of Spring Gardens where all the retired buses or buses in storage go. 3/28/2002
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