Calgary Transit GM New Look #1156 Charter

Welcome to the photo gallery for the Calgary Transit GM New Look #1156 charter. This charter took place on Saturday September 14th, 2013 with one of the final dozen or so GM New Look buses remaning in the fleet. These buses were finally retired shortly after this charter. The charter was organized by Canadian Transit Heritage Foundation.

#1156 is a 1982 General Motors T6H-5307N New Look. In addition to it's rebuild, it received minor refrubishments throughout it's life time as well as having it's current Vultron II flipdot style sign installed. This was among one of the later rebuilt GM New Look buses, completed in the early to mid 2000's. This particular bus was choosen given its relatively good body and mechanical condition.

Photo captions have been provided, these are avaialbe for reading when you click on the photo.

A 28 minute video by another charter atendee can be viewed by here.

Stop 1 & 12- Rundle Station

Stop 2- Vista Heights Loop

Stop 3- Southbound 14th Street at 10th Avenue SW

Stop 4- Sunalta Station

Stop 5- 7th Street West Station

Stop 6- Ramsay with downtown Calgary skyline

Stop 7- Southland Transportation Yard

Stop 8- Westbrook Station

Stop 9- 69th Street West Station

Stop 10- 4th Street NE Bus Trap

Stop 11- Spring Gardens Garage

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