GM New Looks

Welcome to the GMC photo gallery. Calgary Transit operates 201 GMC Fishbowls (July 2004), also known as New Looks or Model T6H-5307N. These buses are easily found on weekdays, however they are not used during weekends. Calgary Transit has a rebuild program for these type of buses. Earlier rebuilds were done in Ontario but now most rebuilds are done by CT at their own Spring Gardens heavy repair shop. The rebuild includes drivetrain, floor, route schedule holder, Recaro driver seat, power steering and being painted in the current white base 3 stripe paint scheme. A rebuilt GM New Look has 50 seats rather than 51 because of the addition of power steering. However the rebuild program for these buses appears to have come to an end in early 2004 as CT actively moved on to start rebuilding MCI Classics. 1977 T6H-5307N's are currently the oldest buses in active service for Calgary Transit.

The majority of the photos in this section are taken by me (Kevin Lo). There are a few that were donated by Peter McLaughlin. Please do not re-use any of these photos without my permission or Peter McLauglin's permission. Thank You

Please choose a gallery (Fleet Number), NOTE-Not all models and years of Calgary Transit Fishbowls are listed, Calgary Transit purchused a variety of other Fishbowl models in the 1960's and early 1970's that are not listed below.

Regular Photos

Model Year Thumbnail Fleet Number
TDH-5303 1964 to 1967 552-621
T6H-5307N 1973 687-711
T6H-5307N 1974 712-781
T6H-5307N 1975 782-863
T6H-5307N 1977 864-899
T6H-5307N 1978 900-979
T6H-5307N 1979 980-1016
T6H-5307N 1980/1981 1017-1092
T6H-5307N 1982 1093-1161


Unit Year Thumbnail
#1046 1980
#1156 1982
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