Information and Rosters

This section features links to fleet rosters and other bits of information. Please note the "Calgary Transit Roster" that was built into this website is no longer available. Please see the link to the Wiki roster below. I am an administrator on CPTDB and have found it easier to provide rosters through CPTDB Wiki.

A. Rosters

1. Canadian Public Transit Discussion Board Wiki provides transit bus rosters for many systems in Canada. This Wiki also provides some rosters for motorcoach operators as well.

2. Canadian Pacific Railway Diesel Locomotive Roster provides CP Rail roster information.

3. provides roster information for Hong Kong transit bus rosters for all companies operating public transit bus services in Hong Kong.


B. Information (Beware of "Last Update" dates, as info may be out of date)

1. Calgary LRT System Info- Provides summary info for the system in addition to links to more detailed technical information.

2. Calgary Transit Light Rail Vehcile #2010- Account of the first LRV to be retired for Calgary Transit.

3. Calgary Transit Route Listing- Provides a list of all Calgary Transit Routes, NOTE: No longer updated, section was only maintained from late 2003 to late 2005.

4. Edmonton Transit Feature Trolleybus Driver- Courtesy Terry Dejong of Edmonton.

5. About this website and the hobby- Many people have many questions regarding this hobby and often at first are puzzled that a hobby involving the photography and detailing of such everyday objects as buses and trains exists. Well find out more about this hobby and the history behind this website here.