Calgary Transit MCI Classic #5062 Charter

Welcome to the photo gallery for the Calgary Transit MCI Classic #5062 charter. This charter took place on Sunday September 14th, 2014 with one of the final two dozen or so MCI Classic buses remaning in the fleet. These buses were retired about a month after this charter. However, many Saskatoon, Gatineau and Cold Lake bought nearly 40 of the original 107 MCI Classic buses. Others were scrapped and some as of November 2015 are still awaiting sale or scrap. However these buses stopped operating in revenue service by mid October 2014.

#5062 is a 1991 Motor Coach Industries TC40102N "Classic". It received its refrubishment in the late 2000's.

Photo captions have been provided, these are avaialbe for reading when you click on the photo.

Stop 1- McKnight Westwinds Station

Stop 2- Centre Street at 7th Avenue North

Stop 3- Sunalta Station

Stop 4- 9th Avenue at 11th Street SW

Stop 5- 4th Steet at 8th Avenue SE

Stop 6- Erlton Stampede Station

Stop 7- 6th Street West Station

Stop 8- Westbrook Station

Stop 9- Tuscany Station

Stop 10- Brentwood Station

Stop 11- McMahon Stadium

Stop 12- Mount Royal University Bus Loop

Stop 13- Heritage Station

Stop 14- Spruce Meadows Shuttle Bus Loop

Stop 15- Whitehorn Station

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