New Flyer D40LF

Welcome to the New Flyer D40LF photo gallery. Calgary Transit has a long history of ordering New Flyer low floor buses. Since 1993, the D40LF has been the only 40 foot bus Calgary Transit has purchused new. The 10th anniversary of the very first commissioning of a CT D40LF (unit 7505) was July 22nd, 2003. These low floor buses offer easier access to those using mobility aids, young children and the elderly. Each bus has two wheelchair positions, wheelchair ramp and kneeling capability (From 14.5' to 11.5' or 37cm to 29cm).

The majority of the photos in this section are taken by me (Kevin Lo). There are a few that were donated by Peter McLaughlin or Ashton Wong. Please do not re-use any of these photos without prior permission of the photo owner. Thank You

Please Choose a Gallery (Fleet Number)

Model Year Thumbnail Fleet Number
D40LF 1993 7501-7550
D40LF 1995 7551-7591
D40LF 1996 7601-7644
D40LF 1999 7651-7694
D40LF 2001 7701-7782
D40LF 2002 7783-7817
D40LF 2003 7818-7858
D40LF 2004 7859-7890
D40LF 2005 7891-7962
D40LF 2006 7963-7980
D40LF 2007 7981-8015
D40LF 2007-2008 8016-8065
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