Welcome to the Calgary Transit Orion photo gallery. All of these buses have now been retired and removed from Calgary Transit property. The last of these buses (250, 251 ,252 ,253, 256, 258, 276, 278, 280 and possibly a few more) were removed from service at the end of January 2002. Retired units sat at the back of Spring Gardens for a very long time starting in the late 1990's, but all were sent to the scrapyards in mid 2002. The 2002 order of NFI D40LF's replaced the last of these buses. Calgary Transit did have one Orion II bus which is now retired, please see the Community Shuttle bus section for a photo and info.

Photos in this section are taken by me (Kevin Lo) or Peter McLaughlin Please do not re-use any of these photos without my (Kevin Lo) or Peter McLaughlin's permission for his photos. Thank You.
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Model Year Thumbnail Fleet Number
01.504 1980 282-303
01.504 1982 247-280

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