Calgary Transit Photos

Welcome to the Calgary Transit photo gallery. Calgary Transit started as a small streetcar operation under the name Calgary Electric Street Car Railway in 1909. In 1932 motorbuses were introduced to serve areas not served by streetcars. The system was renamed Calgary Transit System (CTS) in 1946. Trolleybuses were introduced in 1950 with many of today's major routes being trolley routes at one time. The municpal government took over operations in 1972 and at that time the system became known as Calgary Transit (CT). This is the name that the system goes by today. In 1975 the trolley system was totally phased out. In 1981 the C-Train which is the backbone of today's system opened with the original line being 10.9km. Extensions have brought the system up to 33.4km of service track.

There are various models (past and present) in the database. To see the photos click on the manufactures name you would like to see. Then click on the fleet number to see a photo of that bus/train.

Please Remember that if you would like to use these photos for a website or other reproduction please ask before you do so. Thank you!

Manufactures Name Thumbnail Thumbnail Manufactures Name
(U2 & SD160 & S200)
Community Shuttles
Chevrolet & Ford
ElDorado EZ-Rider II Flyer
GMC New Looks Grande West Vicinity
MCI Classic New Flyer D40
New Flyer D40LF New Flyer D40LFR
New Flyer D60LFR New Flyer XD40 Xcelsior
New Flyer XD60 Xcelsior New Flyer & Nova Bus
CNG Test Buses
Nova Bus LFS Orion I
Miscellaneous Yaxing Demo Bus

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