1996/2000 Ford E450 Overland ELF

Calgary Transit operated a total of 12 Ford E450 Overland ELF low floor shuttle buses. The first bus was delivered in 1996 as #8502, it was run on compressed natural gas, at a later point in it's life it suffered an accident that damaged the CNG tank, thus the bus was converted to run on diesel. Unlike it's counterparts, this bus did not have a destination sign and used route cards. The bus was assigned on the Route 506 Chinook Shuttle in it's final months of service in 2003.
In 2000, Calgary Transit took delivery of 11 more of these buses #8503-8513, assigning them to certain routes in order to provide low floor community shuttle bus service. The buses came with wheelchair ramps and appropriate securements. These buses came with Balios destination signs (front, door side and rear), the front sign scrolled sideways, a unique feature that has never been used on the other 117 Balios signs Calgary Transit used on other buses.

In 2005, all 12 buses were sold to Edmonton Transit System, about two thirds of the buses entered service with the remainder being parts buses. ETS had a fleet of 27 ELF buses prior to purchasing Calgary's 12.

All photos in this section are taken by me (Kevin Lo) Please do not re-use any of these photos without my permission. Thank You
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Fleet Number Thumbnail Description Photo Date (M/D/Y)
8502 8502 on layover Lions Park Station on route 91. This shuttle originally ran on CNG but now runs on gasoline. 3/26/2002
8502 rear 8502 on route 506 (Chinook Shuttle), after having it's inactive CNG tank removed after an accident. The tank was the only part of the bus damaged. This bus was allocated to the Chinook Shuttle service for the last year or so of it's life in Calgary. Was withdrawn in 2003 or 2004. 2/13/2003
8505 8505 seen here turning the corner at 7th Ave and 1st st. S.W. on Route 31 Downtown Shuttle with a scrolling Balios destination sign. 5/03/2003
8506 8506 is seen here on the Route 91 Loins Park Station as it arrives at Foothills Hospital. 4/02/2004
8506 Rear 8506 on layover at 39th Avenue Station on route 419 Foothills Hospital. 2/13/2003
8506 Interior 8506 looking forward, you can see how the driver must turn their head more than 90 degrees to collect fares and the head room at the door is a problem. The design of these buses on the inside was not very well thought out and are generally disliked by drivers. 2/13/2003
8507 8507 at Spring Gardens after a driver training run. 3/28/2002
8509 8509 southbound on 1st Street S.W. past 5th Ave. S.W. on route 419 Parkhill. 2/13/2003
850? An unknown low floor shuttle seen here crossing Centre St. on 5th Avenue S.W. on route 433 Inner City Loop. 12/06/2002
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