2002 Ford E450 Goshen GC-II

In 2002 Calgary Transit purchased 17 Ford E450 with Goshen GC-II bodies (#1801-1817), phasing out of the buses began in 2009 and continues in 2010. The buses used route cards to communicate their destinations until they were retrofitted with Vultron destination signs from retired buses. Padded bench seating was used for passenger seating.

All photos in this section are taken by me (Kevin Lo) Please do not re-use any of these photos without my permission. Thank You
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Fleet Number Thumbnail Description Photo Date (M/D/Y)
1801 1801 arrives at Dalhousie Station on Route 8 Montgomery. 5/07/2004
1802 1802 arriving at Brentwood Station working Route 22. 1/02/2008
1803 Rear 1803 arriving at Crowfoot Station. 8/08/2009
1804 1804 heading north on 1st Street S.W past 9th Avenue S.W. on route 419 which is suppose to be run be ELF shuttle buses. 1/31/2003
1807 1807 is seen here at the Foothills Hospital on Route 91 Lions Park. This was one of the very first shuttles to be refitted with an electronic destination sign in the front. 4/02/2004
1807 Rear 1807 in it's very first days of revenue service is seen here at the corner of 7th Avenue S.W. at 1st Street S.W. running route 411 Rosedale-East Calgary. 1/03/2003
1808 1808 seen departing Barlow/Max Bell Station working Route 27 Willowglen. 2/21/2006
1809 1809 departing Southland Station working Route 39 Acadia. 10/02/2009
1812 1812 seen here arriving at Whitehorn Station on Route 436 Taradale. 2/12/2004
1814 1814 arriving at 78th Avenue Terminal working Route 88 Harvest Hills 1/18/2009
1814-2 1814 departing Chinook Station working Route 506 Chinook Mall. 8/22/2009
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