2004 Ford E450 Goshen GC-II

In 2004 Calgary Transit purchased 18 Ford E450 with Goshen GC-II bodies (#1822-1839). In early 2010, some of these buses were retired. The buses were delivered with Luminator destination signs for the front. Padded bench seating was used for passenger seating. In 2010, some of these buses began retirement.

All photos in this section are taken by me (Kevin Lo) Please do not re-use any of these photos without my permission. Thank You
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Fleet Number Thumbnail Description Photo Date (M/D/Y)
1824 1824 seen arriving at Westside Recreation Centre working Route 438 Discovery Ridge. 12/28/2005.
1827 1827 seen departing Southland Station on Route 16 Palliser. These are the first shuttles to have LED destination signs, these signs are from Luminator. 1/07/2005
1832 1832 seen departing Rundle Station on Route 440 Chateau Estates. 5/30/2005
1832 Rear 1832 northbound on Harvest Hills Blvd. 3/22/2008
1833 1833 depating Crowfoot Station working Route 74 Tuscany. 6/21/2009
1833-2 1833 depating Heritage Station working Route 80. 4/29/2010
1833 Rear 1833 seen arriving at Chinook Station on an unknown route. 5/12/2005
1834 1834 seen laying over at Westside Recreation Centre on Route 453 West Springs. 12/22/2004
1834-2 1834 arriving at 78th Avenue N. Terminal. 1/18/2009
1839 1839 seen arriving at Southland Station working Route 81 Macleod Trail. 8/21/2006
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