Las Vegas- Citizens Area Transit (CAT)

Welcome to the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC), this is a name change in 2008. It was formerly called Citizens Area Transit. Transit service to the Greater Las Vegas area is provided to the greater Las Vegas area. CAT began operations in December 1992 after taking over operations from Las Vegas Transit, it continues to operate today under the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada. CAT in recent years has shifted to branding its routes, the Deuce and MAX are both part of the CAT system. The Deuce are Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 double decker buses that run on a few selected routes, primarly down the famous Strip (Las Vegas Blvd. South). MAX (Metropolitan Area Express) is a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system running on Las Vegas Blvd. North, utilizing special buses suited for BRT.

Below is a sample of the current CAT fleet. Additionally, CAT has operated some RTS model buses, Grumman 870's and Gillig Phantoms, all of these have been retired and were vehicles from Las Vegas Transit operations.

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Thumbnail Manufactures Name/Model Manufactures Name/Model Thumbnail
Alexander Dennis- Enviro 500 El Dorado Transmark RE
Irisbus Civis New Flyer C40LFR
New Flyer D40 New Flyer D40LF
New Flyer D60 New Flyer D60LF
New Flyer DE41LFR New Flyer XN60
North American Bus Industries 40LFW North American Bus Industries 436 (60SFW)
Wright Streetcar RTV
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