Edmonton Transit GM New Looks

Welcome to the General Motors New Looks photo gallary. Edmonton Transit took delivery of their first New Looks (TDH-5301's) in 1960. Throughout the next 22 years ETS took delivery of a total of 708 New Look buses, aka "Fishbowls". Today the oldest bus in regular service for ETS is a 1972 T6H5307N which has been rebuilt (unit 536). Around 250 buses are still in active service today, all of which are T6H-5307N's. All the New Looks were powered by the Detroit Diesel 6V71 or 6V71N and Allison VH9 or V730 transmissions. The photos below are all photos of T6H-5307N New Looks with one exception (see below).

Photos in this section were taken by me (Kevin Lo) Please do not reuse these photos without my prior Permission. Thank you.
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Year Thumbnail Model Fleet Number
1966-1967 TDH-5303 494-535
1968-1969 T6H-4521 1-25
1972 T6H-5307N 536-569
1973 T6H-5307N 570-590
1974 T6H-5307N 591-600/301-321
1975 T6H-5307N 322-396
1976 T6H-5307N 397-399/601-697
1977 T6H-5307N 722- GM New Look Farewell Charter
1977 T6H-5307N 698-767
1978 T6H-5307N 768-799/900-925
1980 T6H-5307N 926-995
1982 T6H-5307N 4001-4045
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