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Welcome to the GO Transit photo gallery. GO Transit (Greater Toronto Transit Authority) began service in 1967 with focus on providing service to downtown Toronto from neighbouring cities in the Greater Toronto area. Initial service was provided by passenger trains, this service has grown and continues to be a critical part of GO Transit today. Today GO Transit operates GMDD F59PH and MPI MP40PH-3C locomotives with Bi-level passenger cars built by Hawker Siddeley Canada, UTDC/Lavalin Industries and Bombardier. In 1970, bus service began using suburban configured GM New Looks, today bus service has grown and in this regard GO Transit has been able to provide service to and from many destinations on routes that lack the ridership of train services. In the past GO Transit has operated MCI MC8, MC9, 102A2, 102A3, 102C3, Prevost PTS47, Orion I and New Flyer D40 coaches to provide its bus service. Currently June 2008 bus service is provided a fleet of roughly 360 made up of mostly MCI D4500/D4500CT coaches with some Prevost Le Mirage XL45, Orion 05.501 and Alexander Dennis Enivro 500 coaches as well. For more roster infromation please click here.

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GO Transit Buses
Thumbnail Manufactures Name
Alexander Dennis Enviro 500
MCI D4500
Orion 05.501
Prevost Le Mirage XL45

GO Transit Passenger Cars and Locomotives
Thumbnail Manufactures Name
Bi-Level Passenger Cars
GMDD F59PH Locomotive
MPI MP40PH-3C Locomotive
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