Greyhound Canada Photos

Welcome to the Greyhound Canada Photo Gallery. Greyhound has been a growing and familiar member of the transportation network in Canada since 1929. The very first bus line was started in 1929 with one bus between Calgary and Lethbridge. This small operation was started by George Fray, Harold Olson, Roosevelt Olson. Today, Greyhound Canada operates 400 plus coaches connecting major cities and small towns throughout Canada. Voyageur Colonial, Orlean Express, SMT Eastern, Acadian Lines, Pacific Coach Liones cover some areas of Canada where Greyhound interlines with these companies. Greyhound USA and Adirondack Trailways also interline with Greyhound Canada to provide service to the United States. Greyhound Canada operates in partnership with many other smaller coach operators in other parts of Canada. Gray Line operates tour operations with highway coaches and some older double deck buses for inner city sightseeing such as the operation found in Victoria, BC. Greyhound Canada is owned by Laidlaw.

Please note: Some of the photo captions state the location "Calgary Eau Claire Shops" this shop is now closed and disassembled to seperate locations in Calgary and Edmonton.

Please do not reuse any of these photos without prior permission from the respective photographer. Thank you.
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MCI MC9/MC9"Special"/MC12
MCI 102C3/96A3/102A3
MCI 102D3
MCI 102DL3/D4500
MCI 102D3 & 102DL3 (Former Greyhound US units)
MCI D4505
MCI G4500
Gray Line
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