Hiroden Streetcars

Welcome to the photo gallery for streetcars in Hiroshima, these are operated by Hiroden. Hiroden is one of the companies providing public transit in the city of Hiroshima, Japan. The streetcar system is well known for the variety of streetcars from other Japanese cities that use to operate streetcars. Following the devistation Hiroshima from the Atomic Bomb in 1945, some Japanese cities donated or sold their equipment to Hiroshima. As the number of streetcar systems in Japan decreased through the later half of the 20th Century, Hiroden purchased some of the equipment from the defunct systems. As a result, Hiroshima operates one of the most diverse streetcar systems in the world. In addition there is also newer equipment that was purchased by Hiroden. The Hiroden Streetcar system consists of 7 different lines, many of which merge together at various points. Information in English is limited, therefore information is provided to the best of my knowledge.

300/700/800/900 Series

1900 Series

3000/3700/3800/3900 Series

5000/5100 Series

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