Honolulu Transit (The Bus) Photos

Welcome to the Honolulu Transit (The Bus) photo gallery. The Bus provides transit service to the city of Honolulu and other areas on the most populated of the Hawaiian Islands, Oahu. With a fleet of about 550 buses and around 100 routes, it is also the only public transit provider in the state of Hawaii. The best service is available in the city of Honolulu area stretching from downtown to Ala Mona and to the popular tourist district of Waikiki. Here buses on overlapping routes are quite frequent, with mainly residential areas receiving adequate, but less frequent service. The service that The Bus provides has won the award for America's best transit system (awarded by APTA) twice (1994-1995/2000-2001).

The active fleet: this is only a rough estimate based on observations. The majority of the fleet consists of mid and late 1990's 40 foot Gillig Phantoms, about 300 units. Roughly 75 Gillig Low Floors, most of which are mid fairly new make up the 40 foot low floor fleet. Roughly 75 New Flyer articulated low floor buses make up the articulated bus fleet. Additionally an batch of 2006 New Flyer DE40LFR's. Roughly 20 TMC RTS's of 35 feet in length, a smaller handful of 30 feet long Gillig Phantoms and a handful of Optima Opus are also part of the fleet. All or most buses have either a wheelchair lift or ramp, digital destination signs, bike racks and stop announcement systems. The previous fleet included a variety of buses, including some foreign models.

There are various models in the database. To see the photos click on the manufactures name you would like to see. Then click on the fleet number to see a photo of that bus/train.

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