Medicine Hat Transit Photos

Welcome to the Medicine Hat Transit photo gallery! Transit service in Medicine Hat is currently operated by the cityy. The fleet consists of about 25 buses. These (June 2006) include New Flyer D40LF's, Champion Solos, an MCI Classic and some Ford minibuses. The retired fleet consists of GM New Looks, GM Old Looks, Orion II's, Champion Solos and GM/MCI Classics. The system consits of 9 routes that run Monday-Saturday from morning to early evening. Dial-A-Bus provides transit service at all other times during the week. Routes are not numbered rather they are identified only by destination/service area.

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Thumbnail Manufactures Name
Champion Solo
Eldorado National EZ-Rider II
GM New Look
GM Old Look
GM and MCI Classic
New Flyer D40LF
New Flyer D40LFR
New Flyer XN40
Orion II
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