Rapid KL- Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia

Welcome to the photo gallery for Rapid KL serving Kuala Lumpar in Malaysia. Rapid KL is the government operated transit agency that serves Kuala Lumpar and the surrounding Klang Valley through the use of buses and light rail transit vehicles. As of July 2010, Rapid KL operated a fleet of roughly 700 buses and 3 light rail lines. Rapid KL is not the only transit service provider as there are various privately operated companies that provide services as well.

Dong Feng DHZ6120RC2

Iveco Turbocity

Iveco Turbocity (Refurbished)

King Long XMQ6122G

Mercedes Benz CBC1725- Master Builders

Mercedes Benz CBC1725- SKS Lowrider

Wuxi Anyuan (BCI) JXK6120

Volvo B7RLE

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