Red Deer Transit GM New Look #510 Farewell Charter

Welcome to the photo gallery for the Red Deer Transit GM New Look farewell charter. The charter was held on October 24, 2010, several months before the bus was retired in early February of 2011. This was the last remaining GM New Look in revenue service, the bus was #510, originally #7144 and was new in 1980. Red Deer Transit operated 33 GM New Look buses between 1970 and 2011. 31 of these were model T6H-5307N New Looks just like #510.In the early 2000's, 13 of these buses were completly rebuilt and modernized, these became the 500 series buses, thus losing their original 71xx series numbers. The buses came back with updated American Seating, updated driver seats, power steering, Balios destination signs, new Transorb bumpers, new LED signal/taillights, fresh paint and major sturctral/mechanical overhaul.

The below photos showcase the bus in various places in and around Red Deer.

Stop 1- Oriole Park West

Stop 2- GH Dawe Community Centre

Stop 3- Sorreson Terminal- Downtown

Stop 4- Red Deer Regional Hospital- South Hill

Stop 5- Riverside Meadows/Highland Green- 60th Street

Stop 6- Range Road 281 north of Township Road 384

Stop 7- Red Deer Civic Yards- Transit Garage

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