Regina Transit Photos

Welcome to the Regina Transit photo gallery! Transit service in Regina started with streetcar operations in 1911 evolving into a mix of motorbus and trolleybus service in the first half of the decade. Streetcar operations ceased in 1950. Trolleybus operations began in 1947 and were terminated in 1966. Motorbus service began in 1931 and remains the sole form of transit service today. As of 2012 Regina Transit serves a population of about 193 000 people with 20 routes and about 105 buses. In 2012, the fleet consists of mostly Nova Bus LFS, GM/MCI Classic and New Flyer D40LF buses. A small number of Eldorado National EZ-Rider II and GM New Look buses also were active in 2012.

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Manufactures Name Thumbnail Thumbnail Manufactures Name
Eldorado National GM & MCI Classic
GM New Look New Flyer D40LF
Miscellaneous- Coming Soon Nova Bus LFS
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