San Francisco Municipal Railway MUNI Photos

Welcome to the San Francisco Municipal Railway or MUNI photo gallery. MUNI operates all public transit services that run within the city of San Francisco itself, regional connections in the bay area are operated by a variety of other transit agencies. MUNI operates a fleet of roughly 340 electric trolley buses, roughly 530 diesel buses, about 60 cable cars, roughly 30 fully revenue service equipped historic streetcars and a sizeable fleet of modern Breda Light Rail Vehicles. In total about 80 different routes/lines provide generally frequent service to most areas in San Francisco. MUNI has several noteworthy features regarding its electric fleet of vehicles; it currently has the largest fleet of electric trolley buses in North America, it is one of the few cities in the world to operate a cable car system of its size and it operates a relatively large fleet of historic streetcars.

There are various models in the database. To see the photos click on the manufactures name you would like to see. Then click on the fleet number to see a photo of that bus/train.

Please Remember that if you would like to use these photos for a website or other reproduction please ask before you do so. Thank you!

Thumbnail Manufactures Name/Model
Breda LRV Click here to enter
Cable Cars- Click here to enter
Electric Transit Inc/Skoda- Click here to enter
Flyer E800- Click here to enter
Historic Bus Fleet- Click here to enter
NABI 416.3-Click here to enter
Neoplan AN440-Click here to enter
Neoplan AN460 Articulated-Click here to enter
New Flyer D40/D60/E60-Click here to enter
New Flyer XDE40-Click here to enter
New Flyer XDE60-Click here to enter
New Flyer XT60-Click here to enter
Orion Bus Industries-Click here to enter
Streetcars (Historic)-Click here to enter
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