MUNI Flyer E800

Welcome to the MUNI Flyer E800 gallery. MUNI's electric trolley bus fleet was made up primarily of these vehicles during the period spaning from the mid 1970's to about 2002/2003. 343 of these Flyer E800 electric trolley buses were delivered between 1975-1977 and were run daily till a replacement fleet of Skoda/ETI replaced them from 2001-2003. As of early 2007, there is still a small handful in service, 10 or less, working some trips on the Route 41.

MUNI #5401-5640 are 40 foot versions and #7101-7133 are 60 foot articulated versions. This makes for a total of 273 Skoda/ETI electric trolley buses in a fleet of roughly 330 electric trolley bues.

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Fleet Number Thumbnail Description Photo Date (M/D/Y)
5143 5143 seen northbound on Drumm St. at Market St. working Route 41 Union. 8/29/2006
5143 Rear 5143 seen northbound on Columbus Ave. departing a stop working Route 41 Union. 8/29/2006
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