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Welcome to the Transport for London photo gallery. Transport for London is the governing body for bus and rail services serving the Greater London area. It is also the governing body for various other transportation infrastructure in the capital region. This gallery focues on public transit including buses, underground trains, overground trains and the Docklands Light Railway. Buses are the main focus of this gallery.

Various private companies operate different aspects of the public transit network under contract to Transport for London. The most noteable example of this is in the bus services. Different private contractors are awarded specific bus routes. However, bus types are similar as the buses being operated on public bus routes must meet specifications outlined by Transport for London.

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London by Bus
Gallery Name Thumbnail Thumbnail Gallery Name
AEC Routemaster Dennis Dart
Dennis Trident
(Alexander & Plaxton Bodied)
Mercedes Benz 0530 Citaro
Miscellaneous Scania
Transbus Enviro 200 Transbus Enviro 400
VDL Bus-Wright Bodied Volvo B7TL
(Alexander ALX400 bodied)
Volvo B7TL
(East Lancs & Plaxton Bodied)
Volvo B7TL
Wright Eclipse Gemini
Volvo B5LH/B7TL/B9TL
Wright Eclipse Gemini 2
Wrightbus Routemaster
("New Bus for London")

London By Rail
Thumbnail Gallery Name
Docklands Light Railway
Coming Soon
London Overground
London Underground
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