New Flyer D60LF/D60LR

Welcome to the New Flyer D60LF/D60LFR photo gallery. Translink (CMBC) runs 116 of these articulated buses on their high ridership bus routes.
These articulated buses are equipped with a wheelchair ramp, two wheel chair positions, two bike rack positions and are a low floor design (up to third door). The New Flyer D60LF buses are powered by the Detroit Diesel Series 50 Engine and an Allison B500R5 transmission. 8001-8021 have Luminator destination signs and 8022-8099/8101 have Balios signs. There are 3 orders of D60LF buses starting in 1998 (8001-8021), 1999 (8022-8047) and 2000 (8048-8099/8101).
In 2007, 16 New Flyer D60LFR buses (8102-8117) were delivered, these articulated buses differ in that they have more modern seating and feature the new livery. The D60LFR buses are powered by a Cummins ISM engine with an Allison B500R6 transmission. They also feature Luminator Horizon destingation signs, two bike rack positions, two wheelchair positions and are low floor design (up to third door).

All photos in this section are taken by me (Kevin Lo) Please do not re-use any of these photos without my permission. Thank You
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Year Fleet Number Thumbnail
1998 8001-8021
1999 8022-8047
2000 8048-8099/8101
2007 8102-8117
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