GM New Looks

Welcome to the GM New Looks photo gallery for Translink (CMBC). Vancouver in the past has had a wide variety of GM New Looks buses, from 35 footers to Suburban style 40 footers. All of these buses have been retired now. The last 5 GM's to be retired were 5 1982 T6H-5307N's "hillclimber editions" P4104, P4106-P4109, these buses are one of a kind as they are powered by a Detriot Diesel 6V92TA, Telma 4 Stage Retarder, and Allison V730 transmission! Most other New Looks came with the Detroit Diesel 6V71N. Also among the very last to be retired were a small handfull of 1973 and 1976 T6H-4523's that ran in the New Westminester area during the last years of their service lives.

Photos in this section belong to Peter McLauglhin. Please do not reuse these photos without his prior Permission. Thank you.
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Thumbnail Model Fleet Number Year Description Photo Date (M/D/Y)
T6H-5307N P4106 1982 P4106 is seen outside Burrard Station in downtown Vancouver. This bus was coming into rush hour service from PTC but brokedown before it entered service. Photo by Peter McLaughlin. 7/03/2002
T6H-5308N S9114 1975 Retired S9114 sits at Burnaby Transit Centre awaitng disposial. This bus was a suburban bus with overhead luggage racks, reading lights and lowback bucket seats on a raised seating platform. The raised seating platform can be seen through the door and notice how the metal panel inside the door is a diferent shpae. Photo by Peter McLaughlin. 4/01/2001
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