1976 Flyer D800 503-512

Calgary Transit took delivery of it's second order of 10 D800's in 1976. These buses were also powered by the Detroit Diesel 6V71N with a Spicer transmission. After it's retirement in 1982, #503 was part of the Calgary Fire Deparments fleet (as BU01 76, MCC). in 1983 the remaining 9 were sold to Winnipeg Transit.

Photos in this section are taken by Kevin Lo (me) Please do not reuse these photos without my prior permission. Thank you.
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Fleet Number Year Description Photo Date (M/D/Y)
503 Former Calgary Transit 503 sits retired with the Calgary Fire Department. Front driver side 3/25/2003
503 The Calgary Fire Department retired this ex. CT Flyer D800 in late 2002. Front head on 3/25/2003
503 The Calgary Fire Department bought this bus form Calgary Transit after they retired it and converted it into a Mobile Command Centre. Front door side 3/25/2003
503 rear Rear Door Side 3/25/2003
503 rear Rear Driver Side 3/25/2003
503 rear Rear Head On 3/25/2003
503 side Door Side 3/25/2003
503 side Driver Side 3/25/2003
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