1979 Flyer D900 483-502

In 1979, Calgary Transit took delivery of 20 D900's. The D900 was similar to the D800 except it had a new front and rear end. The last of these units were retired in October 2001 and scraped in mid 2002. These buses were powered by Detroit Diesel 6V71N engine and Allison V730 transmission. Originaly these buses had Luminator destination signs but were changed to Vultron II's in the late 1980's.

Photos in this section are taken by Martin Parsons or Peter McLaughlin. Please do not reuse these photos without the permission of the photo owner.. Thank you.
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Fleet Number Year Description Photo Date (M/D/Y)
483 483 running route 164 Beddington Express, northbound on Centre Street. 483 which is about 22 years old is beat up from 22 years of service! By Martin Parsons 6/?/2001
485 485 departs Chinook Station on Route 10 Southcentre back in 1995, Photo By Peter McLaughlin ?/?/1995
490 490 with a C-Train in the background. By Martin Parsons 8/11/2000
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