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Welcome to the Feature Trolleybus Driver page! This page is dedicated to the proud and professional trolleybus drivers on the streets of Edmonton in their trolley buses. They provide transit service with their trolley's with pride and confidence to citizens of Edmonton. This page was created in the light that Edmonton city council made a decision in 2004 to keep the electric trolley buses running until 2008. A common valid complaint to this is that trolley's are not wheelchair accessible and thus provide a varying degree of difficulty for strollers, elders and young children. The solution, low floor trolley buses are available! Vancouver is replacing their 200 plus fleet of 1982 and 1983 trolley buses with new trolley buses! In fact, the prototype has been built and delivered as of July 2005. Edmonton can replace their fleet of trolley buses built in 1982 with new trolley buses too! Currently a New Flyer low floor E40LFR trolley is being leased from Vancouver for a one year trial that started in summer of 2008; therefore, it is clearly possible for trolley buses to keep with the modern changing pace of the transit industry. Trolley buses provide quick, swift, clean, efficient and quiet public transportation. Trolleybus service deserves a place in Edmonton's streets. Spread the word!

Now, the feature driver: (see caption below)

His name is Mike, he has been driving with ETS for 9 Years. He provides friendly, courteous service to passengers and of course enjoys driving trolley buses! His favorite moment is from the 2006 Stanley Cup Finals, after an Oiler win. It took Mike an hour to drive a block on southbound 97th Street (between 102nd and Jasper Avenues). He says it helped that the horn on the trolley worked really well. His pet peeve is, "Cheap coffee! Burnt Coffee! Stale Coffee! Coffee that needs a 'doubledouble' or more." His favorite quote is "The corruption of the best is the worst."- Ivan Illich from the Rivers North of the Future

Special thanks to Terry Dejong for the photo of Mike. To see the other feature pages for Mike, proceed to ETS Photo Express and BARP. Also special thanks to Terry Dejong for conducting the interview.

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