Edmonton Transit System Photos

Welcome to the Edmonton Transit System (ETS) photo gallary. Edmonton Transit serves the city of Edmonton with diesel bus, LRT, and trolleybus operations. The system started off as streetcar operations (Edmonton Radial Railway). The system grew into trolleybuses starting in 1939 and eventually motorbuses. The current name ETS was adopted in 1946 and the LRT system opened on April 22nd, 1978. Today the fleet is made up of 720 or so diesel buses, 37 LRV's, 60 ETB's and 30 or so shuttle buses. ETS also has a historical fleet composed of both diesel and electric trolley buses. Today the system consists of 145 Routes in total.

NOTE: Currently photos Community Shuttle buses are unavalible at this time. These buses are part of ETS's regular fleet.

Please Remember that if you would like to use these photos for a website or other reproduction please ask before you do so. Thank you!

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Manufactures Name Thumbnail Thumbnail Manufactures Name
BBC/GM New Look HR150G ETB's Eldorado National Passport-Click here to enter
Ford E450 Overland ELF Glaval Easy On-Click here to enter
GM New Looks-Click here to enter Historical Fleet GM New Look #22
Historical Fleet
-Brill #37
-General Motors #5
-General Motors #432
-General Motors #438
-Leyland #5
-Daimler #707
Historical Fleet CCF/Brill #202
Hybrid Buses IC Corp. LC Series
Miscellaneous New Flyer C40LF
New Flyer E40LFR New Flyer D40LF
New Flyer D40LFR New Flyer D60LF
New Flyer D60LFR New Flyer XD40
Siemens-Duwag U2 Siemens SD160
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