ETS New Flyer D40LFR

Welcome to the New Flyer D40LFR photo gallary. Edmonton Transit took delivery of their first New Flyer D40LFR in 2007. The New Flyer D40LFR is a cosmetically redesigned New Flyer D40LF, the front and rear caps are given a sleeker modern looking facelift.

In 2007 and 2008, 231 of these buses were delivered after fast tracking replacement of GM Fishbowls was approved in early 2007. These buses are numbered #4523-4753. However it should be noted that about 40 diesel GM Fishbowls still remained in service after all 231 D40LFR's entered service. The interior features are very similar to 2005 New Flyer D40LF's. In the second half of 2009, 121 more of New Flyer D40LFR buses were delivered and numbered #4754-4874. A final bus in 2010 (#4875) was delivered. These buses are distinct from the 1st order because of a more squared off door design and a slight rounded curve on the bottom corners of the front windshield. This second order also features updated seats.

The buses are powered by Cummins ISL engines and Allison B400R transmissions. Luminator Horizon LED destination signs like previous orders of D40LF's are also included. These buses also include a small display box located in the front windsheild next to the front door. The box can display various messages such as express or school service, though they often just display the route number.

Photos in this section were taken by me (Kevin Lo). Please do not reuse these photos without prior permission fromt he respective photographer. Thank you.
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Year Thumbnail Fleet Number
2007-2008 4523-4753
2009/2010 4754-4874
2012 4876-4879
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